Teaching staff

Head of Department

Deshko Valerii Ivanovych — Doctor of Science, Professor, Head of Thermal Engineering and Energy saving department IEE NTUU “KPI”, teaches courses: “Buildings energy saving”, “Theoretical basis of heating engineering”, “Systems of energy generation and distribution”. Scientific research is devoted to complex heat transfer at high temperatures, energy saving and energy conversion processes. One of the organizers of energy management specialists training in Ukraine. Author of more than 200 research papers including 3 monographs, 6 textbooks.

Konstantynov Sergiy Myhaylovych — Ph.D., Professor of Thermal Engineering and Energy saving department (IEE), teaches courses: “Engineering thermodynamics”, “Thermodynamics and heat transfer”. Scientific research directions are heat transfer during liquids boiling, solids and bulk materials drying. The main scientific works are: "Reagent-free scale formation prevention", "Heat transfer during boiling of sugar grain waste", "Heat transfer".

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