The complex heat exchange model at growing of large alkali halide crystals

A.V.Kolesnikov, VJ.Deshko , Yu.V.Lokhmanels , A.Ya.Karvalskii , I.K.Kirichenko

Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Crystal Growth Rate Dependence on Facet Undercooling for Dielectric Crystal Growth from the Melt

S. V. Bykova, V. D. Golyshev, M. A. Gonik, and V. B. Tsvetovsky V. I. Deshko, A. YA. Karvatskii, and A. V. Lenkin

Experimental and numerical analysis of coupled interfacial kinetics and heat transport during the axial heat flux close to the phase interface growth of BGO single crystals

S.V. Bykovaa, V.D. Golysheva, M.A. Gonika, V.B. Tsvetovskya, V.I. Deshkob, A.Ya. Karvatskiib, A.V. Lenkinb, S. Brandonc, O. Weinsteinc, A. Virozubc, J.J. Derbyd, A. Yeckeld, P. Sondad

The Position of Crystallization Front under the Conditions of Radioactive-Conductive Heat Transfer

V. D. Golyshev, and M. A. Gonik Aleksandrov, V.I. Deshko, and A. Ya. Karvatskii

The British Library Direct

An Investigation of Temperature Fields in a Two-Zone Setup for Crystallization of Fluorides by the Stockbarger Method

V. I. Deshko, Z. I. Zhmurova, S. G. Kalenichenko, A. Y. Karvatskii

Temperature Fields when Growing Fluorite Crystals in an Apparatus with a Multidish Crucible

L. M. Avkhutskii, V. I. Deshko, A. Y. Karvatskii, Y. K. Lingart

Thermophysical and optical properties of fluoride crystals and melts

G. B. Varlamov, G. N. Vasil'chenko, V. I. Deshko, A. Ya. Karvatskii, O. E. Khlebnikov

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